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I was interested to see what kind of people were judging new members.I knew they wouldn’t be as attractive as the stock image models that are used to promote the app but I wasn’t expecting to see your dad’s weird friend he’s known for 10 years from the West Coast.Or your mum’s work frenemy who wears funky capri pants and cork wedges.

I was genuinely quite shocked that most of the people on here had really unflattering pictures and were all quite old.

I couldn’t pick a single one I would have been interested in talking to.

I finally submitted what I thought was perfect profile, one you couldn’t swipe ‘no’ on (unless you were racist).

I received an email that told me I needed to wait three days for my profile to be judged by the current members of the Attractive World community.

I decided on a photo I had taken in bed a few nights before, I combed my hair, wore makeup, angled out my chins and I was three days out before my period so my cleavage was healthily plump.

I’ll also add here that no, I don’t think I am the most attractive person in the world but I also do not hate myself. Attractiveness is subjective, like what you like, and never allow another person’s shitty opinion dictate your own self-esteem.Proving that brawn and brains are a powerful combination are James Lucas, a 25-year-old Henry Cavill lookalike who is a nuclear engineer in the US Navy and Julian Ostensen, a 19-year-old computer engineer from Norway.To become a member of the site, all 24 beautiful singletons had to endure a 48-hour voting period where members of the opposite sex decided whether they were attractive enough to join their gated community.Current members decide whether prospective members are hot enough to be allowed in.Lucy Zee went undercover to see if it was as shitty as it looked.The idea of creating a community where people are blatantly forced to make and feel judgement is so demeaning.