Auto updating football news script

Victiv, a rising year-old site, is standing by its prohibition of third-party automated scripts in all capacities, including any automated means to enter or participate in contests.

It would have taken a firestorm of keystrokes and clicks to manually adjust 400 lineups in an hour, but a computer script could do that work in no time.

Will that kind of computer automation make high-volume traders even more powerful?

Industry leaders weigh in A recent addendum to Draft Kings' terms of service allows the use of computer scripts to create contests, enter a guaranteed contest, create and edit lineups and withdraw from a contest.

Fan Duel also clarified its policy on allowing scripts for certain activities, upon approval, last week.

Setting 100 lineups manually is nearly a day's chore.

Scripts also could be used to adjust lineups quickly on late-breaking news."Competition is breeding the issue, with Fan Duel and Draft Kings," said Dan Back, a podcast host at Roto and a respected voice in the industry.A computer script is a list of commands that a computer can execute without the user's interaction.For example, a player could use a script to convert data from a spreadsheet into hundreds of unique lineups almost instantly, rather than entering them manually on the site.Some have speculated he won 0,000 or more that night, but Maxdalury, via Twitter, told ESPN Chalk after this story posted that multiple six-figures was a more accurate estimate.Now, four months later, the daily fantasy community is looking back at that epic performance and wondering whether it represents the future of the game."Assuming that you're able to rank your best, second-best and third-best lineups accurately, by the time you get to your 100th lineup, then it's not going to win as much money on average."Draft Kings said last week's decision was based on trying to improve the user experience for a small percentage of its players -- who also happen to be the ones who put the most money in play -- while not affecting 99 percent of users.