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"We know that DHT is a major culprit, but maybe it's not only DHT that causes MPB." Scientists continue to look for other genetic and environmental factors to explain—and treat—baldness.

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And if the business end of a cow doesn't provide relief, turn her around and have her lick a combination of molasses and oats off your head. A full head of hair is associated with strength, virility, youth, and power.There's a baldness clinic in South America that swears it will return your hair to its teenage luster. Though men aren't encouraged to openly discuss their emotional reaction to hair loss, it's there."Finasteride blocks 70% of the conversion of testosterone to DHT," Arocha says."There are some reported sexual side effects such as erectile dysfunction, problems with ejaculation, and depression, so you should speak to your doctor before taking it."When men lose their hair, it can be devastating," says Spencer Kobren, founder and president of the American Hair Loss Association and founder of . He reasoned that women would rather date a man with all his hair. During an online dating experiment conducted in the U.

"Most guys would do just about anything to keep from going bald. If you told a balding guy he could keep his hair if he were to run five miles a day and eat a specific diet, he'd absolutely do it. K., two photographs with identical descriptions of the same man were used—except one had been digitally altered to show him with thinning hair, while the other showed a full head—the thick-haired profile received nearly five times as many responses from women).

You really think some guy in his basement in Wisconsin has the cure to hair loss?

You want to believe it, but come on." Of the seemingly infinite treatment options to slow or reverse baldness, there are only three that are widely accepted as valid.

But what they have learned is that taking a drug that inhibits the binding of 5-alpha-reductase on testosterone can reduce the levels of DHT and thus slow or even stop the miniaturization process.

There is such a drug and it's called finasteride (sold as Propecia), the first of the three aforementioned treatment options.

Or you could rub goose droppings onto your dome, the way the Vikings did.