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However, the King and the Princess became convinced that their different origins would ultimately make them unhappy, so they separated.It wasn't until Viet Nam was colonized by France that its name was shortened to one word.In an August 2007 press release, Marsh warned “the financial services sector, including insurance companies, hedge funds, banks and ratings agencies, that they may be exposed to greater directors’ and officers’ liability (D&O) and errors and omissions (E&O) liability claims in the wake of the current subprime mortgage crisis.”As more companies begin to feel the pinch of the credit crunch and investors tally up their losses, however, litigation against directors and officers of companies outside of the financial sector is likely to increase.Moreover, even if a board’s conduct is allegedly outside the scope of exculpation, the litigation likely will settle before the plaintiff’s case proves too much and places the alleged damages outside of the company’s indemnification or D&O liability insurance policies.Here’s what to do: Your go/no-go window remains the third date, but the signals will be all new.

My ex self-immolated when I joked about meeting his 6-year-old anytime before she was, say, old enough to drive.

Officers and directors owe fiduciary duties to their charitable institutions, and insolvency or reorganization complicates... The size and prevalence of nonprofits are also visible in the donations of time and treasure. The charitable nonprofit form creates unique issues of corporate governance.

Nonprofits are big business, with more than 1 million entities contributing 5 percent of the U. Officers and directors owe fiduciary duties to their charitable institutions, and insolvency or reorganization complicates issues, particularly with regard to the handling...

This inspired him to move the capital to where he dreamt the dragon first rising out from the ground, in the city of Thang Long, which was later renamed "Hanoi." This is also why Viet Nam is sometimes called the Land of the Rising Dragon.

They soon established a nation that stretched from southern China to northern Indonesia.

Shortly after those decisions, the Delaware Court of Chancery again addressed the issue of bad faith and determined that allowing an interested officer to manage a division sale or approving a naked no-vote termination fee was at best an act of gross negligence and not bad faith.