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An RC member who saw my son sleeping on a couch and myself on the floor together with my dementia mother and schizophrenic sister during “house visits”, they suggested that I see my MP but I’ve seen him 12 times to no avail and to his own ministry for that matter. Continue reading » Number of View: 980 Hi Gilbert, I’m not sure whether this counselling service would be of any difference for the one that I’ve had before and also if I’m ready for that.

He used to work part-time, (3 and half days) but now always say he need to work during his days off.

Suspect he is seeing women outside for sex…don’t known whether it …

During the earlier years, he also often indulged in viewing pornography and doing online sex talks with those women over internet.

He even got the guts to tell those women that as long the husband returns home, its ok to sleep with any women outside i.e one night stand is no problem to him.

Its totally heartbreaking and I’m torn into pieces….…

Continue reading » Number of View: 908 I am Tracy here and feeling very very depressed over my husband’s consistent betrayal.This may sound nitty gritty, but it just shows how far apart our expectations are. I’ve been divorced from my estranged wife and I’ve been rendered homeless since as HDB repeatedly refuses to give me a queue number for their BTO projects saying that my son and I do not form a “proper” family nucleus.In the meantime, the courts have awarded 75% of our matrimonial home to my ex-wife even though I’ve produced proof of her adultery as well as custody of our children to the immoral woman.We’ve been happily married for 11 years with 1 kid except that I do realised that I can’t controlled my anger but definitely not till the extend of verbally or emotionally abused my wife.Yeap, we do quarrelled sometimes but everything is ok after a few hours.My husband is a guy who is totally not romantic and I have come to terms with that.