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These French really have got that sexy look mastered, I thought to myself, I mean look at this guy!The slightly dishevelled hair, shirt buttons undone, deliberately unshaven.

It's all so well done, it's a little contrived really, I sniffed… what was he doing rummaging around in that rubbish bin?

Turned out the dishevelled look wasn't contrived after all.

Look at the makeup on a typical glamour model: lots of heavy eyeliner to enlarge the eyes, pale, pouty lipgloss to accentuate the lips.

Exactly the look you should aim for if you want to inspire lust…

Sex obsessed creatures which we are, anything which reminds us of sex usually gets us going.

A female with full, glossy, red lips is a turn-on because her lips mimic what (he fantasises anyway) is hopefully happening elsewhere: the vagina also 'plumps', moistens and darkens in colour when aroused.In the next set, researchers increased the eyes and lips by 10% with this result: the faces were seen as younger and more beautiful.Once these features were exaggerated further however, the faces were universally judged as sexier.This guy wasn't waiting for money or status or society's approval before he'd let himself feel sexy. The more symmetrical your face and body, the more sexually attractive you are and the more attention you get.He just was and being seen rummaging in a rubbish bin didn't stop him throwing me a killer smile and saying something which sounded deliciously naughty. Je parle pa Francoise' - Sorry but I can't speak French - it could have been 'Sod off', quite frankly, but it sounded guttural and gorgeous.) There's a lesson in there for all of us. Here's the real secrets of sex appeal, along with how you can use the evidence practically to help boost your sex appeal. It's not the result of nasty brainwashing by society either - even babies go ga-ga for symmetry.That's right, good old MN again, guiding us to the people most likely to keep the planet populated!