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The best part of the adventure is that software markets are packed with outstanding platforms and it won’t be difficult to capture the best Instant Messaging & Chat software tools for enterprises, medium and small businesses.A good way to start your search for the best Instant Messaging & Chat software programs is to register for the free trials or demo offered by leading instant messaging & chat software providers.

This will give you a chance to test drive their key features free of cost and a general comparison of different products.

You can register for the free trials of the following list of apps that have received the highest Smart Score rankings and user satisfaction rating in our instant messaging & chat software reviews: Long story short, a powerful instant messaging & chat system should enable three activities: Private chat; sending/receiving files; and integration.

Therefore, ask the following questions to your shortlisted vendors: How do you test your disaster recovery procedures? You need to be aware that many Saa S vendors do not use enterprise-grade infrastructure to install Saa S apps. For instance, there may be a firewall provider, an Internet provider, and a few others too in the mix.

If a concern rears up, there is a lot of finger-pointing. The solution is to reduce the number of vendors so that there is answerability to ensure they take responsibility about performance.

Free doesn’t have to mean insecure or low quality – browsing the web for some time will show you that there are many that do an excellent job without costing anything.

The paid ones, on the other hand, have more advanced features, high-priority support, and a stronger security policy, as they grant access only to registered users.What security audits and principles does your organization follow?Who manages access and identity management, web application firewalls, log file management, and network connectivity?Internet hackers won’t stop trying to use this ‘open port’ to your computer, and to extract sensitive and valuable information from it.What makes the problem worse is that messages can be intercepted without anyone having a clue about it, and you can only imagine what type of damage this could cause to your company. Most IMs & chat systems are free, based on the vendors’ assumption that you’re going to buy extra sets of freebies and emoticons, or pay for security and customization.At a corporate level, companies get to collaborate and learn from each other, which is priceless in terms of savings and competition.