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A couple of years ago, while looking for something else, I discovered some wonderful nude tidbits on the video-sharing site You Tube.

I was intrigued to learn that she once worked as a prison guard! Among the many, many delightfully sexy photos posted by the "Libertine Nudist Couple" were a number that featured naked women urinating.

And she listed a pretty kinky sexual fantasy: "Being tied up in a forest naked and hope I don't get caught before my man comes back and fucks me." The third of the golden girls featured here today is Eva Gold, who also made her debut this year, in her case with Met-Art. That got me thinking to why this sort of thing is fascinating to voyeurs. This isn't about some of the more extreme kinks, "Golden Showers" and the likes, that involve what to me is the distasteful and degrading business of peeing ON somebody.

Not just amateur karaoke or erotic home dance parties, but also some pretty cool performance-art films featuring an accomplished opera singer named Abigail Wright. So I thought it was worth taking a look at all the "golden girls" who've generously spread their legs for the cameras.

This beauty proudly performs "full frontal," showing off her perfect shaved pussy as well as her well-trained pipes. While Gemma Gold is a genuine newcomer, it turns out that Carol Gold is something of a veteran.

The idea of these trailers, of course, is that these reduced-quality samples will whet your appetite for the whole product, and get you to consider subscribing for the real deal. But I think you'll find the "tease" versions worth a look. Her beautiful snatch is never wild or unruly, though.

Even Lorena's hairy-pussy photosets feature a neat, trim "do" that doesn't hide her pretty labia. From 2011 to 2017, this page mainly highlighted both the newest galleries on the site and some randomly selected "greatest hits" from the archives.By the way: The free movies you'll find on All Over 30 are quite a bit longer, and usually feature some sort of hard-core action. She goes by slightly different professional names, known as FEMJOY "Lorena G" on and as "Lorena B" on Met-Art.If not male-on-female fucking and sucking, or Lesbian pussy-licking, then absolutely plenty of spread-leg masturbation with fingers, dildoes and vibrators. As fans will know as much as I do, Lorena offers lots for those who like a smooth, fully shaved pussy, but also for those who prefer a more natural approach to genital styling.She gives some pretty convincing sales pitches for the benefits of living life naked, and mostly outdoors. Helping her is another educator who serves as her model.Not only do they stroll fully nude around Kindi's big, private rural spread, they also get in the pickup, still naked of course, and drive to a boat ramp for a trip to a deserted stretch of beach. A good number of the other videos I've found and featured are about nudity in the arts. By an interesting coincidence, I've recently added some brand-new photosets that feature models with the name "Gold." Both are mature beauties featured by All Over 30: Gemma Gold and Carol Gold.One of the benefits of archiving the many thousands of photosets I offer on My Favorite Nudes is the way a database lets me sort and display them. Two significantly different flavors of experience are available.