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One of the most famous steam engines in the world has been reunited with her miniature version for the first time in 90 years.

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Cameras follow wildlife such as American red squirrels, who battle to hang onto food caches.

Meanwhile, on the treeless plains, ancient musk ox are forced to search for theirs Bachelor Jack and his two best buddies have brought up his baby Mary since she was left in their care by her mother, Sylvia.

"But we persevered and suddenly the pieces of the jigsaw started falling in to place, thanks to the kind support of the Bluebell Railway.

"It felt truly emotional to help bring these two iconic locomotives back together, almost 90 years to the day from their first appearance.

Typhoon, from the Romney Hythe and Dymchurch Railway (RHDR), is a third of the size of the Scotsman.

They were last together in 1927 at King's Cross in London.

There were definitely a few tears in the eyes of the assembled crowd." A special weekend of events and trains will run throughout the year at the RHDR culminating with a gala weekend on July 15 and 16.

It is the 90th anniversary of the official opening of the line, the world's smallest public railway.

While at first he tries to exploit his predicament, he is ultimately driven to mend his ways and adopt a less cynical attitude.

Comedy, starring Bill Murray, Andie Mac Dowell, Chris Elliott and Stephen Tobolowsky An obnoxious TV weatherman reporting on a small town's annual festival finds himself caught in a bizarre time loop, and is forced to relive the same day over and over again.

Now that Mary is five years old, Sylvia believes she needs a more conventional upbringing and decides to accept a marriage proposal from an English aristocrat, leaving the trio of dads rushing to stop the wedding.