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Product-related news items of general interest should be accompanied by a formal press release with basic descriptions, finish options, pricing, a photo 598px or wider and a valid web link.

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The database analysis further suggested that on mobile devices the loudest track of the albums should be aligned to -14 LUFS.

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You Tube music link of Aliosha Generala's Orkestra Tangra Folk; link to Mohamad Aly's cover of 'Nehaya Wada'; link to the Rouh Trio's 'Mahla Alfusha'; link to Indialucia's 'Nagpur'; link to Pitingo's 'A puro dolor'; link to Florin Nicolesu & Stochelo Rosenberg; link to New York All Stars 'Balkan Bollywood'; link to Juan Carmona's 'Perla de Oriente'; link to Borko's 'Bomba'; link to Nedim Nalbantoglu's 'Malaguena'; link to Lila Downs, Niña Pastori & Soledad; link to Taksim Trio's 'Lotus Feet'; [€220] which "houses a single 10mm dynamic driver which we specifically developed along with its dedicated acoustic chamber.

Its visible vents were added to enhance the impact of the lows while keeping an elegantly balanced response across the mid and upper ranges to deliver a warm and powerful sound.

Its earpieces connect to an MMCX detachable cable featuring a remote and microphone." because that's the number of this limited edition IEM by Campfire Audio.

"We wanted to offer something special and fun to finish out this year.

In addition, Helium410 and Helium510 employ a new tweeter that provides a cleaner and wider listening area compared to the old one." [€130'000/pr] from Mc Intosh not only comes with a 2KW power rating into its 90d B sensitivity but its line array of 81 drivers breaks down to 6 x 8" Nanocarbon/Nomex honeycomb woofers, 2 x 6.5" midbass couplers, 28 x 2" aluminium/magnesium upper mids and 45 x ¾” metal tweeters.

Bring on the SPL but leave driver envy at the door!

The design follows the timeless line and material choices we made for our ODS-1 in-ear hybrid headphones to ensure the same light weight, durability and comfortable wear.

Handcrafted in our Paris workshop, the ODS-D comes with our signature machined aluminium housing and the finest calf leather from Venetia.

Eelco Grimm explains: "Tidal wanted to offer an optimal listening experience by adding loudness normalization but was concerned to interfere with the artistic intention of the producers.

So I analyzed the loudness of 4.2 million albums from Tidal's database and found that even with recent releases quite large loudness differences exist between soft and loud tracks of the album.

In Tidal's recent update of their i OS and Android apps, loudness normalization is now turned 'on' by default.