How to get a sexchatline job in the uk

"The Telephone Belles" - A dirty Sex Chat Line that really cleans up!Gladys, Elsie and Olive are three cleaning ladies who are about to be "put out for pasture" by their overzealous office manager Dave. This is a heart warming, feel-good comedy that will have you rolling in the aisles and smiling every time you answer the phone.

Starring Crissy Rock (Hit tv series Benidorm and I'm a Celebrity), Leah Bell (Comedienne and actress), Dolores Porretta Brown (Stage and tv actress) and introducing Andy Green.

Three cleaning ladies, (past their sell by date) start up a telephone sex line.

Another text company who only offered 3p a text said that if the text chat op does not type 2000 texts a month, they do not get paid for theat month which si ridiculou.

At Excel, you do how little you want t or how much you ant to.

I only signed up yesterday and already doubt is creeping in no text chat in 24hrs. and they expect me to record 9 intro messages and do a test on the phone paying what rate i dont know, before i get to do phone chat. Bangles North East Excel telemedia is a totally kosher company, the rules and regulations are there for your protection, you are not allowed to talk about anything illegal which some less conscientious companies do allow.

All this could be done on line through skype or msn. I have worked for them for 4 years and apart from the occasional glitch they are excellent get paid weekly on time, occasionally, and I mean very occasionally a day late.I have been with XL for 4 years nearly 5 and i do really well in the calls i have built up regs and earn 200plus a week, i am a single mum i work around my son!school time evenings etc great bump up if you have another job!Feeling they have little chance of gaining employment elsewhere, the ladies have to boast their falling income. A chance wrong number requiring a Sex Chat Line rings into the office and gives them a great idea... " After all, their age and appearance won't matter on the telephone and providing they can keep this a secret from their boss... Having worked as a chatline operator for four years and as a text chat opeartor since February 2010, I only have praise for Excel Telemedia.