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The prosecutor said Perez desecrated his wife’s body, carving the word “bitch” on her back.

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Lees said Perez was married with two children when he met Gonzalez.

She was 18 and he was 36 when she got pregnant in 2009, the prosecutor said.

However, if an opponent resorts to filing a separate lawsuit for interfering with a business relationship or for infliction of emotion distress, the case likely will be opposed by a motion to dismiss based on immunity.

A Miami Beach lawyer was arrested Tuesday and charged with harassing his ex-girlfriend for seven months, trying to hack into her social media and store service accounts, using her e-mail address and phone apps to set up dinner and massage reservations in her name, and even convincing Florida Power & Light to shut off her electricity, Miami prosecutors said.

Unfortunately, some litigants might do this intentionally as a way to gain advantage in a case.

In contrast, some other litigants might seek to raise a claim of interference or infliction of emotional distress even if the conduct in question was fair game in the course of the case.The courts in Connecticut essentially come down on the side of barring subsequent claims of this type that are based on conduct during a litigation proceeding.The reason is policy based, in part, because the courts do not want witnesses and litigants to fear reprisals for raising legitimate facts and arguments in court.SAN DIEGO – A man charged with murdering his 19-year-old estranged wife at San Diego City College nearly seven years ago testified Wednesday that he “lost it” when she told him that he was never going to see their daughter again. I lost my mind.” Perez, 44, told a jury that he remembered seeing Diana Gonzalez on the floor in a pool of blood.“I just lost it right there,” Armando Perez testified. “I couldn’t believe what I had done,” the defendant testified.Eight months after the Broward case was resolved, Sarbinoff met a fellow Miami lawyer on the social media dating app Tinder, according to an arrest warrant released Tuesday.