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This story is dedicated to the memory of my friend George Waldo (right) who contributed much to the making of this report.

An educator, writer, film and theatre critic who divided his time between London, El Jadida in Morocco and California, George was a gentleman of learning, compassion and a playful wit.

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Among premarital men, male-to-male intimacy is a common, temporary, convenient and secretive form of sexual contact.

This bonding is a sort of masculine rite of passage from puberty to manhood.

Moroccan courts award guardianship known as “Kafala” to prospective parents, so the child can immigrate and be adopted once in the U. Moroccan residency is not a legal requirement for Kafala, but prosecutors may request proof of residency at any point in the process. Get parent-to-parent advice and support in the International Adoptive Families group in our online community, Adoptive Families Circle.

For more up-to-date information on how to adopt from Morocco, visit the Morocco page of the U.

The best way to understand it, as an outsider, is to see visit the streets of Morocco and let the experience happen. Our first encounter with Moroccan eros took the form of a young man no more than 15 who spotted us we drove into Moulay Idriss, a hilltop town on the way to ancient Volubilis in north central Morocco.

At first this aggressive sprite offered to be our guide to Moulay but we declined.Once this was a thriving town of thousands making their daily way along smooth walkways to public baths, granaries, gardens, public forum and the basilica. Only the phantoms remain of the ancient people who lived here two millennia ago.There were virtually no other visitors here that day, no chattering guides or shuffling of Japanese or German shoes on the rocky pavements.However such intimacy does not identify them, to themselves or each other, as ‘homosexual’.This ambiguity wrapped in paradox is an informal matter for Moroccans and an enigma for uninformed western visitors.Men also attend to the pint-sized shops packed closely together in the souks, whether it’s a barber shop, tobacco shop or butcher shop.