Safari not updating web page

As much as I'm hesitant to see Google taking the lead on this, I think it's going to take something like Google's plan to have Chrome automatically block all ads on pages with fullscreen pop-ups and other aggressive promotions before I'm not regularly frustrated just by opening up a website. If you're already using Safari, this is a great step forward and a very good reason to update to High Sierra.But if you're not using Safari, I'm not convinced this is enough of an improvement to make changing from your browser of choice worthwhile.The updates are all meant to make the system work better way off into the future.

Apple has completely replaced the OS's file system with one of its own making, one that will better allow for features like hybrid drives and backup snapshots and is supposed to do a much better job of file management.

Aside from files now instantly moving from one folder to the next — instead of taking a brief tick as they copy over, something that you might feel but will never quite notice — none of the benefits of the new Apple File System are going to be seen.

That makes enough sense, since we want videos to play when we go to those sites.

There seems to be some inconsistency among TV streaming sites, though: for instance, it looked to me like HBO Go was whitelisted, but HBO Now was not.

Apple's new version of mac OS comes out today, and while almost every upgrade is under the hood and out of sight, there is one really great new feature inside Safari that is definitely worth updating for: in High Sierra, Safari automatically mutes autoplaying videos.

The update to High Sierra is free and will be available for all Macs released since 2010, and some Macs introduced in 2009 as well., and Safari always paused the videos before they could start to play.Safari also mutes those annoying ads that start to play sound only once you mouse over them (which you inevitably do by accident, not because you're interested in them), even when they would normally get activated, which I was particularly happy to see.If a video would normally autoplay with sound, it'll still appear, but Safari will automatically pause it before the video can start to emit noise.That way, you get to browse in peace and quiet but can still hit play in the (unlikely) event that the autoplaying video was something you were interested in.If you do want to change Safari's behavior here, the toggle is a little bit hidden.