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See "Departure and Return Details" for detailed information.Good afternoon, You are able to depart from the tour when you need, to and stay behind.

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We will drive along 17 Miles, a scenic highway that hugs the coast along a stretch of California's Highway 1.Then, we will have the option to visit the Monterey Aquarium, a must-see for all visitors, and a home to over 6500 species of marine life including colorful fishes and deep-sea monsters. Guests will be dropped off, bringing an end to this tour.Jacko Guan, our tour guide was very friendly and caters to our need. They had a lot of fun and I definitely recommend this tour - best value for money. Make it so your tour guide can tell the guests to sit in the same spot from the start til the end of the trip. The hotel we stayed in San Jose was nice and clean. We went to so many places around as per the list of places mentioned. There are many places to show around in Santa Barbara, might have taken us to few places in and around Santa Barbara instead of only one place for just half and hour.. In San Francisco, no complaints, we have seen more places in just one day.. A heads up to all: no coffee or any drinks in the cups allowed on the bus! If you are local, you are allowed to park your car there, just tell the front desk.Two people were fighting over the seat that made our group not comfortable at the end of the trip. The seats on the bus are rotated every day: from front to middle to the back. Since you have a transportation, it is not a problem. No time to eat breakfast, so have something with you. They take you to Chinese places, but you can find other places nearby to eat.My friends and I had this tour last November 13, 2015 to November 15, 2015. One thing that was super annoying (and I knew it would happen), some people are always late to return to the bus. No use of restrooms on the bus, but plenty of stops.

Ladies, have some paper napkins with you as many restrooms don't have any, only the hand driers, which have been proven to blow the germs all over you (as per Dr. Optional tours are okay for first time travelers as it is a great way to see the city.

But you will not have a chance to ride a cable car, which is a must in my opinion for first time travelers :) Also we didn't visit Chinatown, but since I have been there before, it was not a problem for me.

If you opt out of the tours, the guide keeps in contact with you and you will be picked up at a specified location. So have realistic expectations, as it will not be a "Champagne trip", but it is a great way to explore many tourist places.

We are more than happy to assist you to choose 2 different pick-up points. The tour was very good and reasonable, but NIk knows is job inside out. Everything was great- clean hotel, bus, and very timely.

Thank you Although we offer 3rd person to join the tour as a free passenger, he/she needs to pay all excluded expenses just same as the other passengers. He is very caring, and very concerned about anyone's needs during the trip. We had a fantastic guide, Chester, who was very bubbly and easy going. I would've preferred more time in Fisherman's Wharf and at least 3-4 hours in Monterey bay since we did pay for entrance.

In some cases our suppliers have not yet confirmed their future schedules.