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It works in a similar way to Instagram although you can control which friends view your stories by adjusting settings in the News Feed.

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And a camera icon has replaced it, which is where Stories are created.Also, Direct is in top right corner where your profile picture once was.The new section in the app called ‘Direct’ appears to be very similar to Snapchat’s feed for one-to-one group messaging.Launch the updated Facebook app You'll see the new Stories navigation bar featured at the top On the far left is a shortcut for Direct sharing, The second bubble is for Your Story You can tap it to add to it The rest are Stories of your closest friends.These pictures can be added to the user's story, sent in a private message or shared in News Feed.

There are also currently no adverts between stories.

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Facebook has introduced yet another Snapchat-like feature called Facebook Stories along with two other new features, Facebook Camera and Direct in its latest update.

Facebook Stories highlights decorative content in a horizontal layout over News Feed that disappears in 24 hours - just like Instagram Stories.

Facebook has rolled out Instagram Stories in its own app.