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Boris Shikhmuradov’s “confession” was shown on a screen in the council room. Shikhmuradov was shown saying, “Living in Russia, we used narcotics substances and recruited mercenaries for terrorist acts while we were intoxicated…

We are an organized criminal group and we are a mafia. We all are nothingness.” The Turkmen “people” demanded their execution, but the Supreme Court convicted Mr. Leonid Komarovski, a US citizen, was arrested under the same attempt on life and America was later able to get him out of Turkmen prison. Komarovski talked about torture and injections of psychotropic substances, which make the subject forget what they say. Shikhmuradov’s family nor lawyers nor international observers are able to obtain information about his current status, or whereabouts and statuses of other convicts in the case. Tatyana Shikhmuradova speaks: “Lots of different rumors reached us over the [12 years]: ‘Boris was no longer in Turkmenistan; he has been in Russia for a long time.’ Someone else said he was seen somewhere in Ashgabat.

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I also received information that Boris was no longer alive: first such news came in December 2006, following the death of Saparmurat Niyazov.Several people I personally knew before came to me and said, ‘We do not want to sadden you, we are sorry, but we have information that Boris passed away three months prior to Niyazov’s departure.’ I was later given several more dates [of his purported death].With their dark features and sparkling eyes, women from Turkmenistan are gorgeous and almost mystical in their beauty.Mail order brides from Turkmenistan can finally give you the family that you desire.Instead of spending yet another night alone, do something to make a needed change.

Turkmen brides are encouraged to be educated, pursue career opportunities and achieve success in their personal lives.

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Over five million people reside in Turkmenistan, and the median age of the residents is 22.6 years old.

The ethnic groups that make up the country are Turkmen, Uzbek, and Russian, along with a small percentage of other ethnicities.

I only want to draw attention to [the fact] that he is 65 and his health was frail even before the arrest.