Who is chen qiao en dating why dating a unicorn

The bigger fan in me can’t help but gush at his squeal-worthy photos, although the smaller writer in me will try her best to suppress that fangirl in order to make my post, at the very least, even just a little bit comprehensible.

He did a candid interview with the said magazine where he expressed his desire to get married soon and have a family of his own.

His new movie with Wang Luodan entitled Detective Gui (formerly known as Lady Detective) is set to premiere this summer.

Apparently, the 38-year old idol actor is now officially out of the new reality dating show We Are In Love, the equivalent of Korea’s We Got Married.Also out of the said dating show are Kris Wu and Tang Yan.I’m just not sure where that would place the former F4 member in the movie given the fact that Andy is not one to share leading man roles with anyone.It’s just too bad that he didn’t push through with the new reality dating show.By the time they arrived, the five relatives were dead and Chen was dripping in blood.

Today is going to be a round of news involving some of the most eligible bachelors in the Asian entertainment industry.The pairing of Kimi and Xu Lu will still go ahead as planned.On the other hand, Jerry just decided to stick to what he does best, that is filming romantic idol dramas.It was also reported earlier on that Vic will be filming the sequel for the movie Z Storm where he will share topbilling with Louis Kuo and Julian Cheung.The movie will start shooting around middle of this year.He said that he doesn’t want his future kids to have parents who are too old.